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Dry Times

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Most Christians know how to identify storms and trials in their lives, but are you able to identify when you are going thru dry times. There are a few definitions for the word dry. Most

August 2014

Who we are?

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 Your friends and family won’t care who we say we are- they care who you say we are.  Taking a moment to share, comment and like one of our posts/ videos makes the difference to


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With everything that is happening to Christians in Iraq it got me thinking of how I prioritize my relationship with God.  Many Christians say that they put God first, myself included, but as I started

July 2014


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For Christmas last year, Dad bought me a leatherman; a simple multi tool that makes life a little easier and more interesting.  I catch myself looking for excuses to use the scissors and pliers.  This


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While traveling for my work I got the opportunity to visit Washington DC.  There are many fabulous buildings and monuments to honor many Americans that paved the way for our freedom today.  One quote caught